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Boy 83 is Thomas Meier-Goldau, born 1971, Electronic Musician from Augsburg Germany. I started this Project Boy 83 in 2017.


All began with the Featuring of Vanessa Saturn and her wonderful Voice! By working together with her I learned alot more in techniques, composing and arranging, while she studied Mastering and studio-technology in Berlin and giving me this knowledge of improving all my sounds in a better way. Tragically Vanessa Saturn passed away in 2017 and I will always thank her and keep her in my Memory.

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3rd Album together with Leila Venus "Boy 83 featuring Leila Venus - Impossible Love" out now for Download on bandcamp:

Maxi-CD "Boy 83 featuring Vanessa Saturn - Celestial Sphere" to order via bandcamp for 4 Euro:

7" Vinyl-Single "Vanessa Saturn - Kleines Mädchen" to order via bandcamp for 16 Euro:

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